Miscarriage and other Complication in Early Stages Pregnancy

When women observe bleeding but fetus is viable, it is called threatened miscarriage. Women feel no abdominal pain and birth canal is undilated. There are many reasons of occurring miscarriage normally in early stages of pregnancy like hormonal, abnormal flow of uterus, Incompetent cervix, blockage of fallopian tube and cervix complication. More than 70% miscarriage occurs in 2nd to 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Signs of Threatened miscarriage:

- Vaginal bleeding (typically insignificant)
- Minor abdominal cramps
- Internal Os is closed
- Viable fetus on ultrasound examination

Inevitable: one step above the threatened miscarriage. Cervix is dilated. Bleeding increases.
Signs and symptoms of inevitable miscarriage:

- Increase bleeding with profound clots
- Lower abdominal pain
- Cervix dilated-incomplete, when fetus is expelled from the uterus, but some material remains inside like placenta. It often accompanied by heavy bleeding. So women may suffer from shock due to less blood volume. Due to forced-abortion some pregnancy symptoms reveal at 5 month.

Complete, total removal of products of conception.

Missed miscarriage: the death of embryo occurs in uterus.

After abortion, infection can occur which further worsened the condition. So consult to your doctor and follow-up should be maintained.

Differentiation of miscarriage from other complication:

Signs and symptoms of miscarriage are different from Ectopic pregnancy i.e. Fertilized ovum implants outside the uterus either in tube or elsewhere.

• Symptoms start at 6 to 12 weeks of gestation and there is harsh one-sided pelvic-abdominal pain.
• Hypertension(high blood pressure):
• A female can have high blood pressure during pregnancy called hypertension. During pregnancy hypertension is called

Preeclampsia. Blood pressure remains high transiently, then it is called transient hypertension and if b.p remains high throughout your gestational period then it is called chronic hypertension. b.p can be slightly high or very much high.. You can feel Headaches and Visual changes. B.P can approach 140/90 mm Hg. Solution to this complication is that get check your B.P on regular basis. Increase fluid intake and dietary protein. Visit doctor to gat medication (anti-hypertensive drugs) like Methyldopa and Hydralazine. Same problems occur during Abortion 5 Months of Pregnancy, and late pregnancy.

• Effect of high blood pressure on you baby growth? High b.p delays baby growth. With chronic hypertension, reduced quantity of amniotic fluid can occur. So don’t take it normal. Just act on your consultant


Diabetes: when sugar level in your body increases than normal level and/or sugar appear in urine, it is called diabetes. If this happens when you are pregnant, then it is called gestational diabetes. Management of diabetes during pregnancy can be done by blood glucose monitoring, weekly visit to doctor and diet control plan. After you give birth to you baby, diabetes will disappear.

Anemia: when hemoglobin level of blood decreases than in normal healthy individual, it is called anamis. Anemia is common in pregnancy especially when one don’t care of her diet. some symptoms like early miscarriage due to irregular periods is the top of the list 2 month pregnancy symptoms. Anemia can also occur in multiple pregnancies and after miscarriage. Any condition which result in blood loss from blood can turn you anemic.

Signs and symptoms of anemia are Fatigue, Headache, Pallor of skin and nails, dizziness, mental confusion and numbness.
To cure anemia, check and monitor hemoglobin level while taking medications until anemia resolves.

• Causes:

Past abortion is also a reason of miscarriage, mostly women experience late or no pregnancy due to several reasons like Thyroid disease, high blood pressure, lack of necessary vitamins and other supplements, Disorders of the immune system and most common severe malnutrition.